The Trip

In January of next year I'm going on amazing trip up to Canada and back to Vermont . This trip is a semester for 5 1/2 months it is through Kroka expeditions, I will be going with 14 other teens and two guides we will be cross country skiing up to Canada and then making a canoe to paddle back to Vermont on. During the trip I will be learning skills I will have for a life time from learning how to find food and water from the wilderness to building a fire and making a shelter to sleep in.
In order for me to go on this trip I have to raise $9000 by next January, a huge goal  to meet but I am sure that I will be able to do it with the help and support of all my friends and family. In order to reach this goal I am doing a ton of fundraising within the next year check out my fundraising page for events and ways you can help too.

I am so excited for this trip it will be something I never forget along with the skills and knowledge of what I'm learning on it. For the next year I will be spending every day and every spare time to get ready for this trip. When I think about going o this trip I forget about everything else and just imagine myself all ready on the trip skiing through a quiet woods with the snow falling around me. This trip is an amazing once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget.

Thank you so much for your support of making this dream come true for me.


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